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Blog Introduction

I do believe it is about time now to use this silly blog feature on my website!

I've previously dabbled on posting occasional things on Tumblr, Wordpress, and LiveJournal, but I've always resorted to deviantART journals to update everything and more recently created an email newsletter. But it's time to condense to something more professional and make the most use of my online webspace that I pay a good deal of money to maintain.


Therefore here's how I'm thinking of breaking it down:

Tumblr is exclusively for artwork, character asks, and posting/reblogging the random Tumblr world (in fact I have several Tumblrs for different things- CanineHybrid, RileyIsRandom, and AskTheod which I invite you to follow if you're a fellow Tumblr fiend)

LiveJournal is used to participate in the various communities that I'm a part of, most notably the Fursuit LiveJournal as I will occasionally visit to post advice and costume projects.

deviantART, and other art gallery sites like Fur Affinity, will be short and sweet posts of various things that are most relevant to the individual art site such as commission slots, artist features, convention posts, and messages that tell you to go follow my blog over here for the latest info.

My Creative Connection Newsletter is currently a once-a-month thing that will be an overview of what's been happening and what you can expect from me for those most interested in the business and project side of what I do. I also do artist features and offer exclusive details and coupons to my webstore though this email list so if that's what you're looking for, feel free to sign up!


So now to the main point of this blog- think of it as an extended version of my Twitter. It'll be more personal and updated more frequently than the rest of my journals. It may be about small random musings or big project updates. Every time I post here, I'll update with a link on my Twitter/Facebook.



Got it? Good. Welcome to my blog and I do hope you enjoy catching up with what's new in Riley-land :)